Culture at Hotjar


Headquartered on the beautiful island of Malta, in the ‘heart’ of the Mediterranean, Hotjar is a young startup that embraces remote working and personal development. 

Hotjar's culture is driven by transparency, respect, open discussion, collaboration and blunt and direct feedback. In fact, we're obsessed with communicating with our users as well as within the team. We hate bureaucracy and slow moving organizations – but we're suckers for well-defined processes. We love lean, iterative improvements and success is measured by the value we create for our users.

We've written an article on our blog about how we are growing and running Hotjar remotely. 


Just some of what we provide

  • Remote & Flexible
  • 40 Days of Planned Leave Annually
  • Personal Development Budget
  • Prestigious Clients
  • 16 Weeks Paid Parental Leave
  • €4,000 Home Office Budget
  • Work with a Very Talented Team
  • Track Your Steps with a Fitbit, on Us
  • Company Retreats x2 Year
  • Unlimited Learning via Udemy
  • Free Kindle Paperwhite


Frequently Asked (Recruitment) Questions

You can view our most frequently asked questions here.

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What is HotJar?

About us

Hotjar is a new powerful way to reveal true website user behavior and experiences in one central tool – giving you the big picture of how you can improve your site's UX and conversion rates. All your data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible at lightning speed.

Hotjar Ltd. is a European startup headquartered on the island of Malta. Our founding team includes experts in Product / SaaS Development, Web Marketing, UX and Conversion Rate Optimization. Dr. David Darmanin, a conversion rate expert brought the multi-disciplinary Hotjar team together in early 2014.

Still looking for more info about our team? We've developed this deck just for you, and you can check out our reviews on Glassdoor!